Sunday 17 April 2016

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet 17/4/2016

It's that time of the week again, so here they are.

1. This is a lovely tweet and clip from Barnet T


 2. The Fire brigade have brought a house fire in Edgware under contro

house fire on Hogarth Road is now under control. 2 floors & roof were badly damaged

3. Probably the tweet that gave me the biggest snigger!

The fact that in Colindale has a McDonald's on one end and a KFC on the other really doesn't help

 4.Nice tweet from Mill Hills ShakeTastic, the boy done well!

When we opened our Mill Hill bar this massive guy with a big smile kept coming in..Full story on blog

 5. John Andrews likes a cuppa with his football. Maybe we should have a whip around for a coat of paint for the stand!

Half time cuppa at Wingate & Finchley

 6. Lady Joy Bountiful is none too impressed with the weather in Mill Hill!

Where did spring go? Hill
 7. Victoria Wang is less bothered!

Even in bad weather the view from the library at Mill Hill is stunning.

8. There's a wicked lady in Finchley, tempting us with magic potions!

Available at Cafe Buzz n12

9. Golders Green Police are taking a big interest in plants and herbs!

officers have seen 2 types of plants today, one admired, one confiscated: two cannabis warnings issued

10. Some hints for all you young music videomakers

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