Friday 1 April 2016

Exclusive - Barnet Council sanctions destruction of mammoth remains in Colindale

Mammoth Bones in Colindale
The Barnet Eye has been handed a pack of secret "Blue" Council papers, detailing how Council workmen have destroyed the historical remains of a mammoth, found whilst excavating the site of new council offices in Colindale. The papers report that the council were worried that a full scale archeological excavation of the site would hinder plans to move from the existing premises at North London Business Park.

As it is illegal to possess confidential blue papers, the Barnet Eye has destroyed them. We contacted the Leader of the Council, Richard Cornelius for a comment regarding the report and he said "If there are mammoths in Colindale, it is the first I've heard of it".  Leader of the Lib Dems Jack Cohen stated "It is no surprise to me that the dinosaurs in the local Conservative Party have done for the historic mammoth of Colindale". Labour GLA rep Andrew Dismore stated "This is typical of the Boris Johnson administration and a perfect example of why you should vote for me in May". His Conservative opponent, councillor John Thomas responded "Zac Goldsmith has excellent environmentalist credentials and will ensure that no further mammoths in Colindale die.

The Barnet Eye is rather disappointed to see that as ever our local politicians are not taking the destruction of our local heritage seriously. Had the local Tories not closed down Church Farmhouse museum and sanctioned its conversion into a chippy for students at Middlesex Uni, it would have made an excellent venue for local people to view the historic mammoth remains.

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