Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Saturday List #136 - Rog T's Ten commandments

1. Though shalt not be an arse!

2. Though shalt respect planet Earth!

3. Though shalt clear up thine own mess!

4. Though shalt make someone happy today!

5. Though shalt not despise your fellow man for his faith or lack of it!

6. Though shalt enjoy thine cash, not hoard it and share it with those with less!

7. Though shalt make music and be happy!

8. Though shalt not cast thine vote for those though know to be greedy, dishonest, corrupt or evil!

9. Though shalt not turn the other cheek to injustice!

10. Though shalt love thine children, especially when they do not meet thine aspirations!

They are my rules!

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