Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Saturday List #137 - Top five dangers in the London Borough of Barnet!

Did you know that the London Borough of Barnet is a dangerous place! There are all manner of dangers lurking! Beware. Here is a handy guide

1. Wasps and bees - Apparently wasps are the most dangerous species in the UK. On average five people a year are killed by stings from wasps and bees. This is usually because they have an allergy.

2. Dogs - Seems like they are the secons most deadly species. Plenty in our hood.

3. Cows -  They kill 1 person a year! Watch out when walking across those fields in Barnet and Mill Hill.

4. Adders - They've killed 16 people since 1876 and there are plenty in the fields in the Totteridge Valley.

5. Seagulls - Attacks on humans are becoming more and more regular. As with all wild animals, feeding them encourages contact. This also seems to be changing their behaviour and making them more dangerous. Keep the chips to yourself!

I bet you never realised we lived in such a wild and dangerous neighbourhood!

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