Thursday 27 July 2017

The Wednesday Poem #23 - Bacon, egg and mushrooms and a cup of tea please

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Bacon, egg and mushrooms and a cup of tea, please,
No I don't want avocado and buffalo cheese,
or espresso, frappe, latte or cappucino,
breakfast is much more than a coffee to go

Tea with milk and sugar in a nice china mug,
milk served on the side in a dainty little jug,
ketchup from a bottle not a plastic packet,
salt from a cellar not a paper sachet,

I'll just sit in the corner and read the Daily News,
skipping all the pages full of latest celeb screws,
and on the side some toast not made not with marge but butter,
banter with the waitress and the local high street nutter

Thats my fave cafe on my favourite high street,
the grub is inexpensive and the owner is sweet,
It's my guilty pleasure, the best start to my day,
but cant do it too often or my waistline will pay!

Copyright 2017 - Roger Tichborne

 A homage to the joys of your local high street cafe!

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