Monday 24 July 2017

Capitaville AKA The London Borough of Barnet

At the weekend, I had a strange experience. Long term readers will know that in 2010, I unsuccessfully stood for Council in Mill Hill ward. I camped exceedingly hard and chatted to thousands of local people. I dedicated six months to full time campaigning, to the detriment of my business. I did this to try and prevent the mess that has unfolded.

Anyway, back to Saturday. I was buying some bagels in Marks and Spencer's in Mill Hill when an old Lady approached me. 'Your the fellow from the Council aren't you?' She said. I explained that I wasn't as the people of Mill Hill hadn't elected me.Then she said 'can you explain what is going on. I've been trying to speak to the council about a problem I've got, but all I do is get put through to a Capita call centre and they haven't got a clue'. I advised that they spoke to a local councillor. She said 'I did but they just said their hands are tied as Capita do this now'. I advised that all I could do is write a blog, but she said 'ok but don't mention me or what it's about as I don't want any trouble'.

So I have. I think this bodes I'll. If such people are discontented and have twigged that it's all going wrong, then the local Conservatives who sold out to Capita may get a pasting in next years council election. But that needs the local opposition to ensure that the blame for the mess is understood by the electorate. The Barnet bloggers have been warning for years. I just hope people finally listen.