Friday 1 April 2022

Barnet Eye Exclusive - TFL to reopen the Mill Hill Broadway to Edgware railway extension

Ok, I'll come clean. This was the Barnet Eye April fool joke, but I think this is not a bad idea at all!

The Barnet Eye was amazed to see workmen inspecting the old track bed this morning on the Railway trackbed that used to run between Mill Hill and Edgware as part of the railway that ran from Finsbury Park to Mill Hill East and was closed in 1965. It has always struck me as a complete waste of a valuable transport resource. Had the line remained open between Mill Hill East and Edgware, then it would provide an excellent cross Borough link and Saracens Rugby club would have it's own station.

Being a nosey git, I asked what they were doing. The answer I found most surprising. The Mayor of London has been backing a plan, known as the West London Orbital railway to link West Hampstead and Hendon with West London via the freight only Dudding Hill Line. It is a bit of a now brainer, being one of the highest scoring schemes for delivering value for money.

Pic Courtesy of Wikipedia

It seems that the Mayor is carrying out of a feasibility study to extend the line to Edgware via the old branch line. As the trackbed is in place, this would require minimal works. There is a dedicated platform at Edgware and the scheme would make the logistics of turning the trains around far more feasable. There is also the opportunity for a large freight distribution depot at the site, which would make use of the Orion freight distribution service. The plan would also accomodate a dedicated cycle superhighway to the side, improving cycling options between Mill Hill and Edgware. Apparently this will extend to Spur Road. 

I asked the surveyor what he thought was the probability of the scheme coming to fruition. He said "If WLO is approved, I'd put it at 80%"

Sounds exciting. 

The Old Edgware Rail Station - Pic Courtesy of disused stations

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