Saturday 16 April 2022

The Saturday list #344 - Ten essential items every man a certain age age should have!

 So like many people, I've been having a little tidy up. My missus constantly berates me for 'keeping a load of old rubbish that I'll never use' I disagree. I think they are absolutely essential. I thought I'd catalog them, for your enjoyment.

1. A rusty biscuit tobacco tin, full of rusty screws, nuts and washers, that will come in extremely handy at some point.

2. A bicycle pump, even though I have no bicycle.

3. A collection of band T-Shirts that have not fitted me since 1983, but my daughter has borrowed for fancy dress parties.

4. A collection of 8-Track tapes, despite the fact the player broke in 1987

5. A collection of half empty paint tins, containing paint that has gone hard

6. A selection of instruction manuals for household items that we've chucked out

7. A selection of old phone chargers for phones which don't work

8. A selection of maps of places I will never return to and are probably out of date

9. A bag full of press cuttings which I never look at (although I may well have a shufti tomorrow if I remember).

10. A selection of business cards, dating back to the 1980's, from people I don't know who probably have different telephone numbers now.

Have a great weekend.


Fraser said...

Whitworth spanners used when rebuilding an old motorbike 50 years ago.

Rog T said...

A fine addition! Whitworth spanners are a collectors item! Wonderful