Friday, 6 April 2012

Why I'm Proud of Barnet in Pictures - Part 2 - Friern Barnet Library protest

Yesterday, the people of Barnet gathered to stage a symbolic sit in at Friern Library, to protest at the atrocious way Council Leader Richard Cornelius, Council Library supremo Robert Rams and Barnet GLA representative and Council cabinet guru Brian Coleman have ignored the views of their community and treated the people of Barnet with contempt, in summarily closing their library. The council responded by turning off the power and banning them from using the toilets in the library. Sadly, the Barnet Eye had not realised that Thursday would be such an important day in the history of Barnet. We'd scheduled business meetings all day. The last of these was to buy new curtains for our studios in North Finchley, so we took a brief trip down to the library to show our solidarity at 5.30pm. Here is our picture chronicle. I am proud of the response of our local people to such awful and high handed treatment.

A  Library laid low

Local people out in support

Old and Young protest about the closure

Barnet's very own truth wall in Friern

Even the doggies are protesting

The people of Barnet spell out their message

"I didn't ask for sunshine and I got World War III, I'm looking over the wall and they're looking at me" John Lydon 1977

Barnet is revolting

Alice through the looking glass

Supplies are passed in to the protestors

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