Thursday, 22 November 2012

Richard Cornelius on One Barnet

The Leader of Barnet Council, Richard Cornelius was on BBC London 94.9 with Eddie Nestor at 18:10 today. This was one of the best interviews of a politician I've heard for a long time.

Richard Cornelius revealed some very disturbing facts. The contract is over 800 pages long. According to the Leader of the Council it is "too much for one person to understand". That is bad enough, but he also admitted that councillors ony saw it yesterday for the first time and they are making a decision on the 6th December.

No one can now argue that this is anywhere enough time to scrutinise the contract properly. I would go as far as to say this amounts to negligence. If the process has not allowed enough time, then the job cannot have been done properly. If the job isn't being done properly, that can be nothing else.

Here is the audit trail of tweets. I will put a link up top the podcast when available.

 Well done Eddie Nestor, a brilliant interview
Richard Cornelius on  Eddie Nestor "I will be asking you to come back, this is only the start of this"
Richard Cornelius on  "Outsourcing isn't something strange"
Richard Cornelius on  "These people will be trained up about Barnet"
Richard Cornelius on  "It's not like some contracts where no one can understand how we can save the money"
Richard Cornelius on  "Thats for the contractor to save the money"
Richard Cornelius on  "Councillors first saw the contract last night"
Hello Capita Hello BT - A special message from the Barnet Eye to the One Barnet winners and losers -
  You can't but a voucher in a library at 9am as not yet open. CPZ started though.
  In a £100m turnover business there shouldn't be any economies of scale left to get out. Captain Cooper's failure?
Dear Capita, welcome to day one of the media storm. As predicted have picked up the story
  Perhaps he should wait until he's had time to read and scrutinize the contract.
Ricard Cornelius on  at 18:10 talking about One Barnet. 020 7224 2000 if you have concerns

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