Monday 27 May 2013

Helen Michael threats - New development

Helen Michael arrived at work to find this note pinned to her premises. One has to wonder at the type of character that pins such notes on the wall of a business. We all make mistakes, but one has to wonder why the apology was not made in person. One can only speculate, but there are CCTV cameras in the locality and the police were engaged in an investigation.

Rather oddly, the note claims Brian Coleman has resigned. To the best of our knowledge, Mr Coleman has not resigned and has not even given the slightest admission of contrition.

Over the course of the past year Helen Michael has been interviewed by the Police, been assaulted, had vcious smears printed in the press, been the victim of anonymous letters pinned on her door making veiled threats, all as a result of upsetting Brian Coleman. Far from being the perpetrator of any campaign of harrassment, she hs been on the receiving end of a concerted campaign of intimidation, the likes of which would be more in keeping with a banana republic. On Thursday she buried her mum.

It is time, once and for all, for this campaign of harrassment, bullying and threats to stop. Maybe this note is a sign that the penny has dropped in certain quarters. The only "crime" Helen Michael has committed to warrant this campaign of intimidation was to campaign against the unfair parking regime which Brian Coleman introduced and which his successor, Dean Cohen has spent a year trying to sort out. In short, even Colemans ex council colleagues have admitted Helen Michael was right.

If like me, you are disgusted at what has happened, then I ask you to do one small thing. Pop into Cafe Buzz and have a tea,. coffee, sandwich, breakfast, lunch or even a piece of cake. It is a great little cafe and the food and drink is good quality. I believe Helen has earned our respect and support, by standing up to this bullying, at a very difficult time for her personally. Whilst she was having to deal with the stress of the Coleman case, she also had to watch her mum suffer a terrible ordeal with cancer. She has been through the mill. She lead the campaign to sort out the parking charges in the borough. If you drive and park in Barnet, she has saved you money. The least you should consider doing is showing your support by popping into her cafe and letting her do her job. That is all she ever wanted to do.


Dave-ros said...

Unfortunately Cafe Buzz was closed today for renovation, and I popped along too late to help out!

Unknown said...

Apropos something else (apologies for doing so and if you've already seen it), the outsourcing of planning in Barnet has attracted professional interest: