Monday, 27 January 2014

Guest Blog - Richard Cornelius and "Those People" by Ruth Kutner

Dear Sir

This morning Cllr Richard Cornelius accepted the BBC's invitation to appear on their Sunday Politics Show.  In contrast, he did not have the courtesy to send any kind of response to the invitation to appear before his potential supporters at the public meeting organised by the Barnet Alliance for Public Services.  In addition to his disdain for those hosts, on live television he referred to the participants at the meeting as 'those people ...' for which he was upbraided by Jeremy Corbyn who expressed shock at Cllr Cornelius's contempt for the voters of his borough.

Does anyone really want such a person to represent them and organise their lives?  Borough councillors are supposed to be the representatives of all the residents, rich and poor, able and disabled, workers and retired, employed and unemployed.

Although Cllr Cornelius not appear at the meeting, he nevertheless felt able to comment (incorrectly) on what went on stating "Occupy disrupted the meeting".  Members of the Occupy campaign were indeed present but contrary to disrupting the meeting, they were actually a great help in quietly removing a UKIP so-called supporter who was the one trying hard to disrupt the meeting.  Is their no end to the arrogance of Richard Cornelius and the party he represents.

I cannot understand why any decent person would vote for such a party and I implore all of Barnet's voters to put their cross by any other party on 22nd May.

Yours faithfully,

Ruth Kutner (Ms)
Ms Ruth Kutner is a Barnet Resident


Mrs Angry said...

Sorry to contradict Ruth, but I think if you watch the footage in fact Cornelius refers to 'those people' in the context of those of us who took over a council meeting ie the infamous Cabinet meeting in December 2012, where he and his obedient colleagues formerly approved the deal with Capita. A proud moment, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Angry is right. I invite Ruth, who I think chaired the lefty love in quite a disciplined way, to listen to the clip again . Richard Cornelius clearly blames Barnet Alliance and not the Occupy movement. My transcript:

RC: You're believing the hype that comes from those people at that meeting (the hustings aired on that show)
JC: What do you mean 'those people' they are resident's of your borough. You should be more respectful to them
RC: (The people that) occupied and disrupted a Council meeting

Anyone contest the accuracy of the above or can we agree it as a true record?

Rog T said...

The Barnet eye believes in giving a platform to residents of Barnet who have something to say. We don't edit peoples guest blogs. If they get something factually incorrect we find that the readers will add clarifications and corrections. Usually this is sufficient for readers to figure out things for themselves.

The Barnet Eye does not endorse the content of guest blogs and we invite them from people with different viewpoints, who have no platform elsewhere to air their views. We believe in healthy debate.

That is why comments from Mr Hope and Mrs Angry are equally welcome here. Unlike some Barnet blogs,we only remove comments that may be illegal or libellous, not because we don't like them.

I hope that clears up any misunderstandings as to our policy

Rog T said...
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