Wednesday 18 March 2015

Hendon MP Special - Matthew Offord emerges from his slumbers!

Great news, Spring is here. Every five years, in spring, a miraculous sight emerges. Sleepy MP's wake from their slumbers and embark on a frantic period of activity, where all of a sudden, you can't even walk down the road without meeting them. The public, who they normally avoid like the plague, suddenly become the most important thing in their lives!

In Hendon our sleepy MP is suddenly all over the press with stories like these

New road opens in Grahame Park 

Post office re-opens after refurbishment 

Post offices are refurbished, roads are opened. Yup, when its election time all of a sudden, our Matthew turns up. We wonder what happened to his plans to open a cheese shop in Mill Hill, his main election pledge in 2015.

Our advice is to enjoy Matthew while you can. Even his Tory mates have given up on him

9 seats that will decide who wins the General Election ...


APML said...

Lazarus of Bethany returns to Hendon!

John S said...

Is this the same Mathew that makes incorrect accusation against his constituents and refuses to apologise, who hides from his constituents in the back of a police van, who ignores the pleas of a constituent with an incurable cancer seeking help to look int the failings of our local NHS.

Yes it is , nice to know he is still alive and kicking, I was beginning to fear my wishes had come true.