Thursday 25 June 2015

Planet Earth Calling......

Our planet has been circling the sun for 4.6 billion years
The first single cell life forms appeared 3.6 billion years ago
Life forms first started reproducing sexually 1.2 billion years ago
360 million years ago the first land based life forms appeared
The first Primates appeared 60 million years ago
250,000 years ago the first anatomically modern humans appeared
60,000 years ago the first musical instruments appeared, these were flutes made of bone
4,000 years ago the first drums were produced in Egypt
3,300 years ago the Hitites produced the first stringed instruments
In 1877 Thomas Edison made the first sound recording
The first electrically amplified guitar was invented by George Beauchamp in 1931.

It has taken us 4.6 Billion years of evolution, but now you can pick up your mobile phone (invented in 1973 incidentally) and book a rehearsal in our fantastic rehearsal studios in Mill Hill to make the most glorious rock and roll known to mankind. It has taken us 4.6 billion years.

We hope it was worth the wait!

I don't normally use my blog to plug my business, but you have to admit that as they are the very pinnacle of evolution, it would be rude not to. As my regular readers will have no doubt been aware, we held an extremely successful music festival in Mill Hill last week and we'll be holding another one in two years time. Who knows, if you start a band you may be the star attraction at the 12th Mill Hill Music festival. 

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