Friday 15 December 2023

Friday Fun and some BIG news!

Ok, as is the Barnet Blogging tradition, lets start with a joke with a musical theme, from our Twitter mate, the rather wonderful Robert Wilkinson. BTW check out his books as they will make excellent Xmas presents (especially the Dad joke books at this time of year).

I really had to choose this one. I went to see Madness on Monday in Brighton and they did a wonderful cover of Friday night and Saturday Morning, as a tribute to the late, great Terry Hall of The Specials. Funnily enough, we were in the Fidllers Elbos pub beforehand and guess who walked in? Sax player Lee Thompson. I pointed him out to Clare, who replied "It's the first sign of Madness" (groan I know, I'll leave the jokes to Robert).

Anyway, next up, some really exciting news!

The False Dots are delighted to announce our first ever full digital release!

As it's Xmas and part of our tradition has been to enjoy Dr Who and other Sci Fi Xmas specials at Xmas, we thought we'd release a special tribute to the Sci Fi girls of the 1970's. Do you remember Jo Grant, Leila and Lt Ellis on UFO etc? When I was a mere lad, these girls were the source of endless fascination to me! We thought that it would be fun to do a proper Glam Rock track to celebrate this, join us on a journey back in time!

The band are playing at The Dublin Castle next Saturday 23rd December. Click here for tickets. We'd love to see as many friends as possible. 

You  can listen on Spotify, Apple music etc, here's a link to Spotify.

We've also knocked up a special video, we hope you like it. It even features The Tardis at Mill Hill Music Complex (yes really!).

And finally, 

Our usual round up of local forthcoming gigs. Some belters this week!

Saturday 16th December

Alan Linfoot Band gig at Butchers Arms
Alan Linfoot Band (Rock Covers & Original, 4 piece) at Butchers Arms, Barnet
info icon9pm - 11.45pm

The Tease gig at The Three Wishes
The Tease (Rock / Pop, 3 piece) at The Three Wishes, Edgware 4.5 miles
info icon9.30pm - 11.30pm

Sunday 17th December

The Runner Brothers gig at The Kings Head
The Runner Brothers (Rock Covers & Original, 4 piece) at The Kings Head, Barnet 0.2 miles
info icon1pm - 4pm

Have a great weekend!

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