Sunday, 30 January 2011

Barnet Rock Against the Cuts - The Arts Depot

I am completely knackered. I have been working since 9am getting the music (& everything else) finalised for todays big March/Rally at the Arts Depot. I was at the Arts Depot so I didn't see the march or here the speeches at Finchley Central. I heard reports of over 1,000 people on the March.

At the Arts Depot we had International Superstars The Foundations headlining. Also on the bill was Boz Boorer, my band the False Dots, The Hamptons and 13 Riots. We had speeches from Tariq Ali, Frances O'Grady, Yvonne Hossacks, Alex Clayman, Austen Harney, Me, Alison Moore, to name but a few.

As I'm absolutely cream crackered, I won't write a full review other than to say everyone was delighted with the day. Brian Coleman last year stated that the opposition to his bonkers policies couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. How wrong can be (on a regular basis). Not only did we get the message across, the music had them up and rocking in the aisles. I think we've made the point that the cuts are hellishly unpopular and that there is genuine opposition to them.

It would take to long to name everyone who helped (and with a memory like mine, I'd miss people out) so thanks to everyone who made it happen. I am so proud to be part of the event and to have helped in a small way to make it a success. Thank you

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The BBC says that 2,000 people joined us for the march and rally

 This makes it all worth while. Watch this space for a link to the link of the footage highlights. I understand that hundreds (possibly thousands) also watched on-line


Mrs Angry said...

Brilliant day: massive turnout, well done to you and to all who organised the event ...

caroline said...

Well done Rog, it's really good to see people who care about politics again!