Friday, 28 January 2011

Did the Prime Minister mistake Matthew Offord for a waiter ?

MP for Hendon, Matthew Offords Twitter service is back on the air !!!!  -

If I was mistaken for a waiter by the Prime Minister in the restaurant, I wouldn't be boasting about it.


Just been in the dining room when Prime Minister asked me what the soup was today. Seems he's been to the dentist and can't chew. Ouch!


Mrs Angry said...

Sure it was the dentist to blame? Perhaps David Cameron was hit in the face by a flying mug, or a bathroom cabinet?

Anonymous said...

Roger, roger, roger that is too funny! One does have to ask whether that piece of information (including spreading medical information about the PM that I didn't find elsewhere, that was maybe private) was appropriate for someone with the stature of an MP.

Dangerous thing Twitter. Speaking of which when are we to see @RogerTichborne or @TheBarnetEye ?

baarnett said...

To quote:

Matthew is a well-meaning but disorganised and constantly confused waiter from Barnetona with a limited grasp of the English language and customs. He is constantly verbally and physically assaulted by his boss.

He is afraid of Mr. Cameron's quick temper and violent assaults, yet often expresses his appreciation for being given the position.

When told by either David, George or Nick what to do, he frequently answers "sí" ('yes'), and "¿qué?" ('what?'). Matthew and his friend Mike are both quite scared of David.

An oft-quoted catchphrase of Matthew is "I know noth-inggg".

button55 said...

At least Mr Cameron knows where his man is, serving soup,more than he is doing serving the community.

Be careful Dave mate, if it is not kosher you might be accused of being an anti-semite. Bless him !!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear... I can see Manuel Offord sticking as a nickname!