Thursday, 6 December 2012

Barnet Council and the strike that never was

You couldn't make it up (really). A group of local residents turned up at Barnet Council offices at North London Business Park today to protest about One Barnet. The Council intelligence had a massive failure and  the company they have outsourced security for the complex to were informed that the workforce were on strike. As a result bemused members of staff and visitors were grilled about whether they were on strike. Reports even reach the Barnet Eye that the Barnet Council head of HR took advice about legal action against the unions for not notifying the council of the strike. The confusion was only resolved when Union officials informed Barnet that the Union wasn't on strike and the protestors were nothing to do with the Unions.

In short, a complete farce. 

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LBB said...

To be fair to the security guys, they are employed by Comer Homes for the whole site, it's not just an LBB thing. All of the security staff here are friendly, helpful and dedicated. They often attend Barnet nights out and are seen as part of the "crowd" i.e. they are just like LBB staff/mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed sh*t...

The real idiots in this are of course, once again, Heads of Service and senior LBB staff who get their knickers in a twist because they are unable to defend the ridiculous policies foisted on them and are incapable of dealing with any sort of confrontation in an adult manner.

In short, a complete farce indeed!