Tuesday, 18 December 2012

From Underhill to the Hive - A short video by Steve Pankhurst

Barnet FC supporter and Friends Reunited creator Steve Pankhurst has made a video highlighting the reason that most Barnet Football Club fans oppose the move to the Hive. Guest videos and blogs are always welcome at the Barnet Eye

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Ian Fribbance said...

I think that it is really negative to say you will stop supporting the team and the club because of the move. I’ve been supporting the Bees at Underhill since the late 1970s but I won’t abandon them in their hour of need – a move that has arisen solely because of the lamentable attitude of Barnet Council. Of course leaving Underhill will be sad, painful and upsetting, but it will be as nothing to how I would feel if the club ceased to exist – something which effectively threatening a boycott might risk.