Friday, 14 December 2012

One Barnet passes scrutiny

In a move that surprised no one, the Barnet Conservatives used their block vote to ensure that the One Barnet Capita contract was not referred back to cabinet by the scrutiny committee. I did not attend the meetings. I have been told that it "would sail through" because all of the Conservative Councillors were "onside".

To celebrate the destruction of public services in Barnet and the loss of 300 jobs, next week is going to be CAPITA WEEK in Barnet. The blogs of Barnet will be featuring the work Capita has done up and down the country, just so we all know what we can expect.

What I find depressing is the fact that the more sensible and sane local Conservatives know that One Barnet is risky and they are signing a contract which could blow up in their faces and cost the local taxpayers a fortune. I have a theory that the Barnet Tories have realised that they will be slung out in 2014 and so are on a mission to wreck public services and public finances. That way, when Labour get in, they will have to take drastic measures, hike council tax and the Tories will then use this as a stick to beat them with. Having heard all of the lies from our local Tories, I have no doubt at all that this is their plan.
I was trying to think who the Tories and their whipping procedures reminded me, then it occurred. The Ant Hill Mob. What we need is King Klong to save us !

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