Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Barnet Spring march - We need you to help !

On the 23rd March, there is a march to protest about the destruction of public services in Barnet. At present there are a number of legal challeges in the offing, in  a desperate last ditch attempt to stop the madness of wholesale outsourcing.

These legal challenges desperately need funding and the Barnet Alliance for public services have committed to help meet these financial commitments. Contrary to misguided comments by various Conservative members of Barnet council, BAPS is not funded by the trades unions and these funds need to be raised by the general public. I have been asked to coordinate fundraising activities on the day.  We anticipate a minimum of 1,000 people will attend the march, each person will be motivated by a desire to stop the madness.

We desperately need a team of fundraisers who will commit to working at the the march to help raise funds. There are four activities which we need people to commit to. We want as many four person teams as we can get. Can you put a team together. Each team will need the following members.

1. A team coordinator to organise members and coordinate with other teams and assist the other team members.
2. A cash bucket collecter, who will have a bucket to collect cash.
3. A standing order pledge collector, who will distribute standing order forms. We are asking people to commit to donating £5 a month for six months to fund the legal challenges.
4. Another team member to dish out leaflets, collect signatures for the petition and generally explain what things are all about.

If you want to be a member of a team or can put a team together, contact me via the email link at the side of this blog. The team which collects the most cash on the day, will be treated to a slap up lunch at Cafe Buzz courtesy of me. What more could you possibly want? We need details of teams ASAP. We need to connect with as many of the 1,000 people on the march as possible so it is a major task.

If you want any other information about the March, please visit

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