Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Barnet Eye - enjoy it while you still can !

On Sunday 10th March, I will be running 10K for Age Concern Barnet. I'm running in memory of my mum, who died in August 2008 from a massive stroke. This was the second major stroke she suffered, the first being in 2001. As a result of the experiences the family had with her care provision by Barnet council, most notably the effects of the outsourcing of the meals on wheels contract in 2007, I became aware of the huge importance of good public services. There are thousands of elderly people like my mum in Barnet who don't have family to look out for them. Age UK Barnet does what it can for them, but in these times of financial hardship they have ever more to do with less money.

I undertook to do the run and use this blog to publicise the cause, because it is such an important issue. Had my mum not survived in 2001 or not had a stroke, I may have been blissfully unaware of the issue. I spend about 17 hours a week writing and researching this blog. I decided when i took the challenge that if I didn't attract £500 in sponsorship, then it probably meant that spending this time couldn't be justified. If I couldn't persuade enough readers of the blog to stump up £500 (which is only 200 readers donating £2 each), it really wasn't worth the effort. With nine days till the event, I am £170 short of my target. If you haven't donated anything yet, and want to save the blog, please click here and show Barnet you care

Thanks to everyone who has already given their support


Morris Hickey said...

It's creeping up - so here's hoping. Perhaps the 25 skinflints at City Hall could have a collection and raise £2.50 between them.

Scarlett Cannon - Heavenly Healer Glamorous Gardener said...

Haha! Just checked and now you have £500!!