Friday, 22 February 2013

Ten policies which could win David Cameron the next election

I am not a Conservative and I believe that David Cameron is destined to lose the next election. I do however believe that he could turn his fortunes around and regenerate the country by adopting ten policies which would completely pull the rug out from under the Labour Party.  The economy is  in a mess and these measures would put a kick back into it. The only drawback is that they have to be done now, or it will be too late.

1. Cut fuel duty. The alleged reason for hiking fuel duty was to cut greenhouse gas emission. As the economy nosedives, this is stifling growth. We should adopt longer term measures to encourage green technology rather than this anti growth tax. This will make a huge difference to

2. Cut VAT to 15%. This will put cash in everyones pockets and help get the economy off its knees. Growth will fill the revenue gaps.

3. Renationalise the Railways. The franchise system is a nightmare. Profits go to private companies and taxpayer funded subsidies line shareholder profits. It is a complete joke. Nationalising the network would allow the public purse to benefit from the cash being poured into the infrastructure.

4. Build Boris Island airport ASAP. Heathrow is a dead end. It is in the wrong place and has reached the maximum capacity for the area without ruining millions of peoples lives. Cameron needs to be brave.

5. Cut Bureaucracy from the NHS. In the 1970's the organisation was based on clinicians, nurses and medical need. Now it is awash with adminstrators, accountants and managers. Get rid of them and get back to a system based on care. It would save a fortune.

6. Clamp down on consultants in local government. Barnet Council has wasted millions on consultants who have so far delivered no tangible benefits. They are all on tax effiecient contracts. Ban local aithorities from employing temps for more than six months. Stop this merry go round of jobs.

7. Cut business rates for start up businesses for three months. Encourage entreprenuers.

8. Remove Employers NI contributions for six months for new jobs. Give firms breathing space to take on staff.

9. Give the mayor of London responsibility for setting parking policy in High Streets. This is too important to be run by incompetent local authorities.

10. Set up a government backed care scheme for the elderly, allowing for equity swap arrangements, to allow people to be cared for in their own homes and give relatives tax breaks for care provision.

I believe all of the above measures would prove extremely popular and would improve the lives of people affected by the measures in a big way.
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baarnett said...

"adopting ten policies which would completely pull the rug out from under the Labour Party."
The trouble is, it would pull the rug from under George Osborne. There is no friendship in politics, but Mr Cameron will need to feel he was drowning before he did that.

"Cut fuel duty. As the economy nosedives, this is stifling growth."
I don't think it make much difference to us in London. It's rural areas that suffer far more.

"Cut VAT to 15%. Growth will fill the revenue gaps."
Instantly increases shop sales, but if it is mainly imports, then the new Chancellor Theresa May would have to raise other taxes.

"Renationalise the Railways."
Is First Capital really any worse than British Rail? And Thameslink is currently having billions thrown at it.

"Build Boris Island airport ASAP."
But Stansted was designed as a 4-runway airport. The locals can be bought off.

"Cut business rates for start up businesses for three months."
Yes, although lot of companies are closed after 2-3 years, to avoid tax issues. New ones look little different from proper start-ups.

"Remove Employers NI contributions for six months for new jobs."
Yes, but this doesn't really help with lack of demand. There is less misery if people can get jobs, but while real pay reduces, we are turning into a low-wage, low skills economy, because management does not need to buy any automation. So short-term good, long-term terrible.

button55 said...

Any right minded Tory who thinks "Dave" is going to be re-elected should come back from the planet Zog and smell the coffee..

Rog T said...


In response to your comments.

Cut Fuel Costs
All goods in London are transported by road and it will cut distribution costs. Their is more to the UK than London and rural areas really need a boost. That would raise the burden of tax for us all.

Any increase in High Street activity will boost the retail & transport sector and generate jobs.

Renationalise railways
First is significantly worse than BR. I have used both on a daily basis. You have however missed the point which is the need for a joined up network, with easy connections and through ticketing. It is also outrageous that private companies like first will benefit from taxpayer investment.

Boris Island
Heathrow is not fit for purpose. A properly planned airport would keep Great Britain at the foreront of aviation.

Cut Business rates.
It would get people off benefits and give them experience. Some businesses do go bust, but people learn from the experience.

Cut NI for new employees.
Of course it will help with lack of demand,if people have jobs, they can spend money. It would also reduce the benefit cost.

What you need to do is look at the macro economic effects of any change, and how it affects tax income, benefits expenses, local spending power, local economy, business competetiveness and employability. Getting people jobs, even in the short term does all of these things.