Monday, 25 February 2013

One Barnet - You won't change anything unless you get up of your backside

Last week I made an appeal for people to assist with fundraising for the legal challenges against the One Barnet program. We are looking for people to work as fundraisers on the day, rattling buckets, collecting signatures and engaging withe the people who will turn up on the day to support the cause.

Last week it became clear that Maria Nash, a disabled old age pensioner is being targetted by Barnet Council for having the audacity to stand up for her rights (See Maria is a brave woman who is taking on a challenge that the rest of us should be grateful for.

We all have choices to make in life. Some of us drive the bus and some of us come along for the ride. Maria is driving the bus, at great personal expense in terms of time, efforts and stress. The rest of us are simply passengers. We do our bit, but Maria is the one taking the risks.

I have to say I was severely disappointed at the response by people to the request to help on the day. If the people of Barnet are not prepared to actually get off their backsides and help, then by default the Council will be able to push through a dangerous and risky policy. Every one of us has to take personal responsibility and make the effort to support the cause.

If you can help, please email me BY CLICKING HERE. All we need is a commitment to be available for 2 hours on Saturday March 23rd to help with fundraising. I spend about 17 hours a week writing and researching this blog. I have done so for nearly five years. I have to ask myself if it is worth the effort if people are not prepared to give up a couple of hours of their time on one Saturday to help support and show solidarity with Maria. We have a small team of people who have committed, but we don't have enough. We need you to volunteer and help. It is not for me, or for the Barnet Eye. It is not even for Maria. It is for us all, for the people and future of Barnet. That is why we are having the March and they will be the beneficiaries if we stop the Billion Pound Gamble.

I have committed to two major fundraising exercises this month. I am running 10K for Age UK Barnet on Sunday 10th March (you can donate by clicking here - ) and by helping the fundraising at the Barnet Spring march for the Legal Challenge fighting fund on the day of March 23rd.

We can only meet these challeges if we stand together.

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