Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Barnets Natural Habitat - lets work together to make a wildlife map of Barnet

Mill Hill The Hale - 80 years ago a busy rail station, now totally reclaimed by nature
The Barnet Eye are about to commence a major project. We are looking at the natural habitat in Barnet and we are asking for pictures and stories of wildlife in and around the Borough. We are especially interested in sightings/picture of rare breeds, protected species and also encroachment of invasive species.

We are interested in habitats of reptiles, fish, birds, mammals and plants and are just as interested in what is happening in your back garden as in the rolling fields of the Totteridge valley. If you have an interest in local wildlife etc and would be interested in writing a guest blog, highlighting your pictures or experiences please get in touch. It is our intention over the next two weeks to bring you some interesting and unusual pictures of the environment outside your front and back door. Email us via the link on the right hand side with stories, picture sand guest blogs

Our ultimate intention is to have a full wildlife map of the London Borough of Barnet.

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