Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Saturday List #43 - The ten most dodgy road junctions for cyclists in Barnet

Yesterday the Barnet Eye explained our views on cycling as a credible means of travel in the London Boroigh of Barnet. Today we list our ten least favourite road junctions for cyclists.

1. Staples Corner on North Circular Road heading West towards Brent Cross. 
2. Brent Cross A41/North Circular heading East Towards Staples Corner
3. Fiveways Corner heading South on A41.
4. Apex Corner heading North A41->A1
5. Mill Hill Circus Roundabout Heading North A1-A1.
6. Henlys Corner North Circular->A1 heading Eastbound
7. Henleys Corner A1->North Circular Heading Westbound
8. Stirling Corner Entering roundabout to head South - A1 from Morrisons.
9. Brent Cross A41 -> A41 Both directions as traffic merges.
10. Henleys Corner A1-> Finchley Road Southbound

In my youth I'd fearlessly take all of these in my stride. Now I am far too scared to consider any of them, except possibly in heavy traffic jams. I would use pedestrian pavements and use lights. What a wimp I've become. 


hellibird said...

On the northernmost extreme of the London Borough of Barnet is Junction 4 of the M1. This is where the M1 meets the A5 and the A41. Zoe Sheldrake was killed here. This junction is horrible by bike.

Rog T said...


Yes, that wouldmake the list. TBH I was not sure it was in Barnet, thought it was Hertfordshire