Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Capitaville - The map of hw the Barnet Tories destroyed hundreds of local jobs

This map is part of the contract between Barnet Council and Capita. It shows how our politicians have sold hundreds of local peoples jobs to Capita, creating employment opportunities all over the UK, whilst destroying many peoples livelihoods in the local economy. Every single one of these functions and the jobs associated with it used to be located in Barnet. You can see where they all are now.

As you will notice, this information was concealed from the public until after the contract was legally signed. The reason given was that it was commercially sensitive. Now we are lumbered with it, they are quite happy to let us see it. The Barnet Conservatives were well aware of this map. Whilst many of Capita's customers in the public sector have insisted jobs stay locally, our politicians were quite happy to see them exported.

You will note that the finance department is in Swindon. Why can this be? Well the local politicians in Swindon also recently signed a a deal with Capita  http://www.capita.co.uk/news-and-opinion/news/2013/capita-secures-contract-with-swindon-council.aspx and as you can see they bagged some of our money and jobs into the bargain. Revenues and Benefits and Customer Services - These are in Blackburn/Darwen - This document shows how this council did a deal with Capita and bagged some great local investment

Then there is the HR function in Sheffield, guess what the local politicans in Sheffield managed to do? Yup, you guessed, a deal with Capita to protect local jobs http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240087501/Sheffield-council-chooses-Capita-for-200m-IT-services-contract

Cumbria did even better! They managed to keep the jobs and investment, despite getting rid of Capita! http://www.in-cumbria.com/capita-to-keep-carlisle-base-despite-end-of-cumbria-council-contract-1.804632?referrerPath=news-archive 

What about procurement? Yup, Southampton Council did a tasty deal with Capita againg protecting local jobs http://www.computerworlduk.com/news/outsourcing/4151/southampton-council-agrees-controversial-capita-partnership/

So you may say "all of these places are outside London, where wages are lower, thats why the jobs moved there". Well what about the Revs & Bens subject matter experts in the London Borough of Bromley http://cds.bromley.gov.uk/documents/s50000951/Part%201%20Report%20Template.pdf & http://www.cbronline.com/news/bromley_contract_out_to_capita_group

Why is it that all of these local authorities managed to get some juicy plums in the Capita jobs market, helping build the local economy? Could it be because unlike the Barnet Tories, their councillors actually cared about the locality they were elected to represent. I don't know about you, but I find this map shameful. They have moved every job they possibly could outside of the Borough. Not only that, they wrote it into the contract !

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