Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Brian Coleman censured by Barnet Council and tales of castrated boars from Belarus

Barnet Council held a full meeting last night. A motion of censure was passed against Independent Councillor Brian Coleman. This was his punishment for calling a member of the public a "Twat" during a council meeting. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it is a colloquial expression for a vagina. The Barnet Eye could not attend the session, as we mistakenly thought more entertainment would be had watching Ukraine vs England (how wrong we were).

Our spies at the meeting report that Coleman flounced out of the chamber to avoid the embarrassment of listening to the decision being read out (watch this rather entertaining video).  As ever Coleman has used his twitter account to launch yet another sexist blast at female members of the public

Colemans defence seems to have taken two strands. The first is that because he was elected as a Councillor, he can do what he likes and the second was that because the Council had changed their standards complaint system since the offence, he should be let off scott free. The whole sorry case has rumbled on for months on end and in reality the punishment was that Mr Coleman got told off. I have spent time in the Replublic of Belarus, prior to the breakup of the USSR, where there is a saying which I am reminded of in this case. Roughly translated it says this "The castrated boar can mount the sow but neither ends up happy". It refers to the fact that when a Boar is castrated, it takes the stupid beast rather a long time to realise he's lost his virility and in the meantime, everyone else suffers. Rather like Coleman since he was kicked out of the Conservative Party.

The Barnet Times has a report on the events here - Brian Coleman will stand for election as an Independent Councillor in May 2014. The Barnet Eye sincerely hopes that this will mark the end of a very sorry chapter in the history of Barnet Council.


Morris Hickey said...

I have commented previously, Rog, on the theory that there is no such thing as bad publicity - it remains publicity.

Bwian Coleman is so vain and egocentric that he thrives on any publicity - good (if he has ever had any) or bad. The certain way to suffocate the twat is to starve him of ALL publicity - good or bad.

Richard Logue said...

Which councillors abstained?

Morris Hickey said...

A further thought - how about castration for the Barnet Bore?