Monday, 2 September 2013

Matthew Offord MP reselected by the Conservatives in Hendon

Many congratulations to Matthew Offord MP on his reselection as MP for Hendon. As the constituencies leading political blogger, I can honestly say Matthew has been a delight to work with. He has brough the people of Hendon endless minutes of fun with his "interesting" views on human rights for dogs, serving up soup to David Cameron, his "late night" encounter with the Tory chief whip, his efforts to wind his old boss Mike Freer MP up about Gay marriage and all of the other things he's done in the last three years which for some reason a have completely slipped my mind.

When he was Deputy Leader of Barnet Council, the Barnet Eye christened Matthew "Captain Useless". We have to concede that he has totally exceeded our expectations in this department. He is no Captain Useless, he is a Field Marshall ! I actually quite like Matthew and hope he really enjoys the next year and a half at Parliament. I would advise him to put his feet up, chill out and relax, but he needs no lecture from me on that matter.

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