Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mill Hill News - Travellers take over St Josephs College fields - Updated

Breaking News - A large convoy of travellers has this morning moved onto the green belt grazing fields at St Josephs College, the former Roman Catholic missionary training college, currently being converted into luxury flats. The fields are currently rented by a local equestrian centre for grazing of horses. Local residents have contacted the Barnet Eye to enquire as to whether the local police, council and MP's will be taking action. We have contacted these bodies for a response and will update this blog later when the situation becomes clearer.

The London Borough of Barnet does not currently have a permanent traveller site. Over the past few years groups have moved into several sites around the borough, most recently Bunns Lane in Mill Hill. It is not clear whether it is the same group.
The travellers have now departed the site

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