Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Saturday List #64 - A Holiday at home, great Days out on the train from Mill Hill !

So here's the plan Stan! I have decided that I'll soon be taking a weeks holiday. I have come up with a novel idea. I am going to have a holiday at home! So instead of jumping on a jet to foreign climbs, I will spend a week where every day I'll have a day out somewhere on the Thameslink Route - I will just jump on a train at Mill Hill and hey ho. Here's my plan

1. St Albans. St Albans is a great place to start. We have the the Abbey, the Roman amphitheatre and a stack of great pubs and restaurants.

2. St Pancras. You can easily while away a day at the station, but I have an even more cunning plan! I am going to jump off and walk to Camden Town via the Regents Canal footpath. It is a great walk. There is also the canal boat museum in Kings Cross basin. I will always spend 5 mins admiring Barlows train shed, now painted light blue (just for Manchester City FC, Leabue champions) and Sir Gilbert Scotts hotel. If I have time I may also nip into the British Library.

3. Blackfriars. One of my favourite ways of spending a day is to walk along the South Bank. There is currently an exhibition of Matisse cutouts at the Tate Modern, which is well worth a view. I'll round it all off with a pint in the Blackfriar, which is worth a visit, just to look at the ceiling.

4. City Thameslink. This is the station for St Pauls and Fleet Street. St Pauls Cathedral is an awesome building. When you look at it, remember that they built it with no mechanical tools, no cranes, no lorries. Everything was brought by horse, barge and hand. It is only when you think about it, you realise the true genius of Wren.

5. Brighton. The end of the Thameslink line. Brighton is always well worth a day out. There are so many fun things to do in Brighton, but the pier and the pavillion will be on the agenda. We may well squeeze in an overnight stay at the Old Ship, my fave hotel.

6. London Bridge. I've been meaning to "do the Shard" for a while. A trip to the Globe Theatre may also form a part of this day. Lunch will be at Borough Market and a pint in the Market Porter is an obligatory part of the trip.

7. Mill Hill Broadway. If I lived anywhere else on the line, I'd come to Mill Hill and take the short busride to the RAF Museum at Hendon, so what better way to finish the week at home, by staying at home. I have a special affection for the musem, because my Dad was in the RAF and flew Wellington Bombers. The last complete example of this plane, the most numerous in the RAF in WWII is kept in the museum. There is far more to see at the museum. There is a fascinating exhibition on at the moment - Biggles and chums -

So there you go. That is my holiday at home. Mill Hill Broadway station is at the bottom of my road.

What do you think? Here's there map -  is there anywhere I've missed (I don't consider the bit that ends at Kings Cross to be part of Thameslink)  - - I'm always looking for new places to visit, so if there's anything interesting I've missed, leave a comment

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