Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Saturday List #63 - Things I never thought I'd see

As we watch the ever more awful scenes from Gaza, I was wondering what shred of comfort we could take. I couldn't really see any. What disturbs me is just how polarised the deabte has become. In any such dispute there is a degree of blame on both sides and ultimately there will have to be compromises on both sides. The word compromise is a very interesting one. In  regards to political negotiaitions most of us see it as a postive word. In every other sense it is a very negative one (ie "He was caught in a compromising situation", "The security of the system has been compromised"). What most people sometimes forget is that a real compromise involves both sides doing something they really don't want to do for the greater good. In the Gaza situation, it  seems that both sides are further away than ever from a situation where a compromise becomes possible. So can we take any shred of comfort. Well lets look at all the situations I have lived to see resolved that seemed intractible at the time.

1. Northern Ireland
2. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe
3.South Africa
4. Democracy in Argentina
6. Democracy in Chile
7. Fall of the Berlin Wall
8. Baltic republics join EU
9. Poland Joins EU
10. Economic prosperity in Uganda

40 years ago none of these things seemed anything more than ridiculous pipedreams so lets hope and pray we are wrong about the current Gaza situation

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