Sunday, 3 August 2014

Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 3/8/2014

Yes, I know, you've all been waiting for this !

1. Our favourite studio remembers  a sadly missed local superstar !!!!

Remembering beautiful Amy Winehouse RIP. Much missed studio regular (bought this Blue Strat after a rehearsal)

2. Sean Kelly reminds us of one of Totteridge's most esteemed former residents.

Arguably the greatest British golfer ever.6 Open titles ,1 US Open title.Tiger Woods of his day.Lived in Totteridge

3. Nice picture from Finchley Library by Barnet Tory Councillor David Longstaff

 4. Labour Councillor Alan Schneiderman reveals the secret of his Svelte figure !

And now having a delicious banana smoothie with smoked salmon & poached eggs at Cafe Buzz

5. Barnet and Englands youngest Councillor Amy Trevethan posts an unusal selfie from Cornwall !
Sand-topped toes make my feet look like those cones dipped in nutty chocolate.. Enjoying the Cornish waters

6. Big Don Lyven has a way with the birds !!!!!
Hiya, took theses snaps today of young house sparrows in Finchley eating blackberries & on feeder.

 7. Edgware Town reveal the ongoing problems for football clubs in our neck of the woods

Ealing Town have a problem with their ground, so Saturdays game will be played at Hendon Football Centre,Great...

8. Local WWI memomorial at Stephens House & Gardens

9.  Fire up that Barbie Gustav !!!! Our local butchers have some yummy steaks !

Just right for the BBQ this weekend ! It's to be another scorcher !!

10. Editor of the local paper with the first reported sighting of Santa this year !!!! #Groan 

 Thats all folks  !!!!!

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