Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Barnet - The Humpty Dumpty Council

Humpty Dumpty (2015)

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall 
And watched Barnet council outsource it all
and juicy profits came contractors way
while Barnet Taxpayers pay and pay

Humpty Dumpty scratched his head.
As council services were put to shed
A billion pounds and ten years long
  Guaranteed profits were oh so strong

Humpty Dumpty wondered why
The people of Barnet bought the lie
That outsourcing jobs is the only way
for Barnet Council to save the day

Humpty Dumpty sat on his wall
and thought he'd give the council a call
But Capita's switchboard was much to slow
So Humpty Dumpty had to go


Let me tell you a little anecdote. On Sunday I was talking to the manager of a local youth football team. They had a problem recently with the pitch the children play football on. The club secretary needed to speak to the council to discuss the issue. Like most people involved in youth football, the person in question has a job and has to make calls during breaks etc. 

Priior to the Privatisation of the parks service to Capita, he had the number of someone at the council. He used to ring them up and get the problem sorted out. Now he calls the council, has to wait for ages to get an answer. When the call gets answered, he then has to navigate through all manner of options, to get to the right department. Then when he's got through to an operator, they have to put him through. Eventually he gets through "Oh, sorry, she's at lunch. Can you call back in half an hour please?" 

Welcome to Capitaville. This scenario is being played out all over Barnet as people struggle to ge through to people. Strangely enough some local right wing ideologues, who probably don't have much cause to speak to the council, seem to think this is progress and a marvellous idea.

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Scotch Hopper said...

In our shop we make sure that we are fully staffed during lunchtime - it's a very busy period for us. We eat early or late. It's called SERVICE and we would go out of business if we did not provide it!