Wednesday 7 January 2015

Why democracy will always prevail

On days like today, our core beliefs are challenged. Any decent himan being is bound to feel angry and upset by the sheer revolting violence seen today in Paris. Those sick minds who could perpetrate such attacks, do so in the hope that they will drag us down to their level. They hope we will react as they react and take out our frustrations on innocent people, with whom they claim to share a religion.

The reason why democracies always prevail is because we don't stoop to that level. We do respect the rule of law and we don't countenance attacks on innocent people. We are not perfect. There are many problems in our society, but a free press and free speech are the most deadly weapons in our armoury. The people who perpetrate these atrocities have guns and bombs, but we have honesty and truth. By attacking journalists and political cartoonists, they are launching an attack at the very core of our society. They will fail, because we won't pick up guns. We will use logic, reason and freedom of the press, freedom of expression and freedom of speech to defeat them.

For seven years I've written a blog for the same reason as the French journalists produced their magazine. We both have somethiong to say and we both have people who want to read what we have to say. This blog stands together with the journalists at Charlie Hebdo. We also stand together withe every Muslim who wants to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours. We believe that the terrorists attackers are an abberation, sick minds who are evil and who only care about destruction.

The most powerful statement of intent we can send these warped individuals is to reject the poison that they seek to spread in our hearts and the hatred they want to sow in our souls.

Today we stand together with our friends in France. Let us not forget that France is a nation who have been our allies in two world wars against tyranny. Together we have built a better world and we will continue to stand together.  Viva La France!

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