Thursday, 15 January 2015

Guest Post - Update on the Mill Hill Libraries meeting - By Richard Logue

Do you use your local library? Does your elderly neighbour? Your friend with children? Your colleague's teenage children? Your relative who works from home? Please help save Mill Hill library by attending the meeting organised by Mill Hill Residents Association at Hartley Hall tomorrow night (Wednesday 14th) - and spread the word. Thanks.
Mill Hill Residents Association's photo. What a great turnout for Wednesday night's meeting on our libraries - almost 200 people - special thanks to authors Deborah Moggach and S.F. Said for their passionate defence of our libraries, and also to Matthew Offord MP, Andrew Dismore AM, Cllr John Hart and of course Mrs. Angry herself, Theresa Musgrove. Of course, most importantly, the near 200 people who came out on a wet and cold night to defend our libraries. 

Lets hope this puts to bed the myth being cobbled by some that no one is too bothered about the future of Barnets Libraries !!!!!

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