Saturday 24 January 2015

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 23/1/2014

We know you've been waiting all week for it. Wait no longer!

1. Exciting plans for a run down Mill Hill retail park

Restaurants to replace shops in Mill hill retail park : "

2. Dodgy drivers beware - Sgt Chris Whelan is out and about in Edgware

Traffic operation on High Street Edgware today -3 traffic tickets given and 1 car seized for no driving license

 3. Alan Schneiderman is out and about saving Barnets libraries

Good to pop by the street stall in North Finchley


 4. Councillor Dan "John" Thomas clearly thinks he's far more fascinating than the rest of us do!

Public gallery almost empty as tonight's motions don't impact council workforce. Unions and their activists only act on vested interests.

5.  Scarlett Telling Tales is getting excited about Question Time coming to Finchley or maybe she isn't.

just saw that Question Time is in Finchley on 5th feb. not sure if i want to apply...

6.  Seems like Finchley Market is the place to be

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7. Seems like a driver behaving suspiciously in Golders Green wasn't

Turns out "suspicious car" driving around Golders Green belonged to a traffic light engineer. Indicates how nervy Jewish community is though

8. All we are saying, is give us a home! West Hendon Residents tell it how it is

 9. Disgraced Ex Barnet Councillor Brian Coleman clearly identifies with the morals and values of King Abdullah. I for one would be happy to see Coleman take a one way ticket to Jeddah!

Jan 23
Quite correct of to fly flag at half mast showing respect to Foreign Head of State. Ignore the usual left wing mock outrage

10.  A great video by up and coming band Koven filmed n Mill Hill

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