Saturday 3 January 2015

The Saturday List #75 - Forgotten tasty treats

I thought we'd start 2015 with a light hearted list. For those of us raised in the 1960's (apologies to the rest of you), we had a whole world of tasty treats, which are long since forgotten. I thought I'd chronicle a few of them.

I was listening to the BBC London Breakfast Show with Jo Good and Simon Lederman this morning and they mentioned Kraft Cheese triangles and Knickerbocker Glories and it got me thinking.  It also made me rather hungry! I am sure that some of these still exist, but they are not part of our lives in the way they were.

1. Butterscotch Angel Delight
2. Kraft Cheese Triangles
3. Arctic Roll
4. Birds Tinned custard
5. Knickerbocker Glory
6. Home Made Toad in the Hole
7. Tomato Sauce flavoured Crisps
8. Spangles
9. Sherbet fountain (the proper sort!)
10. Hot peanuts from the Dew Drop Shop
11. A 99 flake Ice cream from the Tonibell shop in Burnt Oak with raspberry sauce
12. Sugar Mice from Lambs on the Ridgeway

All of these things were what made life then bearable. I wonder what my kids will recall with such misty eyes.

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