Sunday 1 February 2015

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 1/2/2014

Here we go again, where we catch up with top Twits in Barnet!

1. Can't argue with Aubrey Dawson about this one! Spot on Aubs!

Having a look round Hendon before filming Flog It here tomorrow. An amazing place, think I'll move in!

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2. Sgt Chris Whelan from the Edgware Police team has been out enforcing the law on the streets of Burnt Oak. I'm intrigued by the #Hashtag on this. Is it a comment about the miscreants cleavege or is he a bit dyslexic like me?

£300 and 6 points for a driver with no insurance on Burnt Oak Broadway yesterday

3.  Mark Ames is intrigued by the Argos in Edgware!

Edgware. The Argos used to be an Express Dairies shop in the late 1920s. Nice to see the name stone looked after.

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4. Sarah Sackman is impressed with the Phoenix, the UK's oldest Cineman!

No.1 is in East Finchley. Built in 1910 it's the second oldest continuously-running cinema in the UK! 

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 5. The FSB are having a get together tomorrow morning (Monday 2nd) at Cafe Buzz in Finchley

Tomorrow Monday 2Feb 8am - Join us to & with local FSB members and local cafe Buzz N12 8JY

6. The news all commuters wanted to hear this week.

Services have now returned to the original timetables and are running between St Pancras and Farringdon.

": £450k for a 2 bed flat! Who can afford that? "

8. Mrs Angry is amused by the Mandarins of Barnet

Amused to see the Barnet senior officer next to me at the Inquiry reading my blog on his phone, then falling asleep when a cllr was speaking

9. The Barnet Society are excited about a new restaurant

Signage is up in Barnet High Street. Opens 20 Feb 

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10. Trampolene have been filming their new video in Mill Hill!!!!

filming a video for the new single with the legendary

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