Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 7/2/2015

It's time for our Fave regular feature of the week. So here it is without further ado

1. In a week when  we've had a few interesting and a few controversial visits to the Borough, here's one I hope we all can agree is a pretty cool person to be visiting. Just shows that Libraries are both relevant and pretty cool!

Crime & Broadchurch author today at Hendon Library 2.30pm

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2. There are local petitions and there is the West Hendon Housing Estate Scandal petition.  Having organised a few over the years, this is an awesome achievement

3. And on the subject of West Hendon Estate, one of those esteemed visitors were the BBC ONE Show, thanks to Adam Langleben for the clip

4. And we had BBC Question Time in the hood as well. Mill Hill Residents association chair, Richard Logue even got to ask a question

So...made my appearance on Question Time, didn't get my libraries question in but did make a point to Nicky Morgan. Now going home to watch!

(Note: It has been pointed out that Richard shares a bit of a passing resemblence to the late great Richard Dimbleby, who was the Dad of David, the presenter. Wonder if this helped him get picked)

5. Pete Scully is reminiscing about the old Burnt Oak! I share his pain

RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy. I remember the Tandy store in Burnt Oak when I was a kid, used to love that shop. Bit dated now!

6. Love this picture. Anyone who has ever played football will see this and understand

Kit out ready. 7.30 ko. Edgware v Silver Jubilee Park. Middx Prem Cup Semi Final 

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7. Barnet Market are trying to make us all feel hungry!

Cold weather calls for a spot of comfort eating . . . sausage roll or Barnet pasty for instance! 

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8. Ever wondered what happened to the old reading desks from Colindale Newspaper Library. They are now at Boston Spa. I find it sickening that our Council has done nothing to keep world class institutions like this in the Borough. Even worse they are allowing these historic sites to be bulldozed. Great pic though from Ben Sanderson.
After dark in the Reading Room. Old desks from Colindale, now at Boston Spa. 

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9.  This one made me smile. Cute piccie from Animal Aid advice

These cute "Sew Stuffed" creations will be available to purchase at our charity shop in East Finchley later today :) 

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10. Mill Hill Music Complex have an important question for you

What do you reckon, should we upgrade our toilet seats? 
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Thats all folks, hope something in there made you smile!

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