Friday 6 February 2015

The Friday Joke 6/2/2015 - George Galloway

 Last night George Galloway was on BBC Question Time, broadcast from Finchley. The video above shows what Mr Galloway said to Saddam Hussein when the two met. This is to the man who executed his own citizins such as Journalist Farzad Bazoft. This is the man who used chemical weapons against his own people. This is the man who launched a war against Iran, resulting in a million people dying. This is the man who invaded neighbouring Kuwait as they wouldn't write off his debts.

I believe in free speech, so if Mr Galloway wants to stick his tongue up the bum of vile dictators, that is his business. I also believe we have the abilty to give such complete dickheads the cold shoulder. Some misguided people may see Galloway as a defender of Muslims. He is no such thing, he is complete idiot. Sadam Hussain wasn't someone who cared for Muslim religious freedoms, he was a vicious dictator only interested in consolodating his own power base. That is why everyone should see more of the Mr Galloway brown nosing tyrants such as in the clip above and less of him anywhere else. However you look at it, there is no excuse for what he said to Saddam Hussain.

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