Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tricky Dicky Cornelius - The dodgy answers of Dr Evil, Leader of Barnet Council

The Leader of Barnet Council has a bit of a reputation for rather odd answers (as the video above demonstrates).He's been at it again at the last full council meeting. I was just reviewing his answers in the latest minutes. Tell me what you think - 

Here are a selecion, displaying the talents of "Dr Evil"

38. Councillor Barry Rawlings

Can the Leader explain his groups decision to support Cllr. Thompstone's amendment that mean's in the options for Libraries, rather than 540 square feet being a minimum it is now a minimum 'on average' i.e. could be smaller?

 Answer by the Leader
The words ‘on average’ were not an addition made by the amendment, but were already part of the report. However, 540 square feet is small and it is difficult to imagine one smaller.

Well if you think that is an odd answer, try this one:-

141. Councillor Arjun Mittra In answer to a previous written question of mine, it was indicated action was taken on only 10% or so of planning enforcement requests made. Does the leader feel residents should be confident that complaints will be dealt with when they report breaches in planning rules?

Answer by the Leader

Or how about this one?

36. Councillor Devra Kay

We have all experienced Capita's appalling standard of services that they are contracted to provide to Barnet, including call centre, IT, payroll and highways . If we received service like this in our personal lives we would blow the company out of the water. In the light of Capita's failures, what is the Council doing and intending to do about Capita?

Answer by the Leader
Overall, Capita is delivering a good service.

Supplementary Question
When I was in a recent meeting with Capita it was dropped into the conversation that the Call Centre is soon to be automated and that only 30% of staff would be retained and that this was in the original contract. So knowing this, the council encouraged council employees to move to Coventry in order to keep their jobs and some did so. Does the Leader believe that he has behaved ethically? And does he have more consideration for Capita which is indicated by his written answer than for the people of Barnet, the employees of the council and their future s and the futures of their families?

Supplementary Answer
Yes and no. 

It seems like Richard Cornelius is relishing the "Dr Evil" role. I wonder what those employees of Barnet Council, who moved to Coventry, only to find they are facing redundancy are feeling right now.

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