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The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 22/2/2014

There has been all manner of tweets in Barnet that I'd like to feature. However rules are rules, so we only feature one per subject and we like to mix up politics, sports, social, community, historical and funny tweets. We hope you like this weeks choice.

1. There were hundreds of tweets about Sweets Way. It is the big story in Barnet this week and dozens retweeting this appalling video. We've chosen Sue Lukes Tweet as it sums up what any reasonable person would feel

SWEETS WAY EVICTIONS 16-17/2/2015: heartbreaking kids stories of eviction from Barnet estate.Anger +| resistance too

2.  Barnet Tory Councillor Gabriel Rozenberg however thinks everything is marvellous in the Borough.  Nothing wrong with talking up the good things, wonder if he's actually read Mrs Angry's blog to see why she's got the hump. This tweet started a quite tasty spat between the two.

. err totes serious. You think Barnet’s ‘broken’. I think Barnet’s terrific. If it’s so awful why is it set to be #1 in London?

3. Maybe you want to keep up with the Lib Dems view of what is going on in Hendon, if you do then Alasdair Hill is the man! Good to see him making the effort. He's only just launched the site, so a bit early to tell, but I think he should be a bit more hyperlocal in his coverage. People love to learn about their community.

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4.  Our  favourite Labour Councillor, Dr Devra Kay has something to say as well. She's a keen blogger to boot.

Barnet tenants have 1 take-it-or-leave-it choice of move from home don't want 2 leave & if rejected they're homeless

Barnet is still investing our tax £ in arms makers Protest this! 2 March 6pm Hendon Town Hall when committee meets

6. And that's quite enough of the political stuff. There is far more to our neck of the woods! Danielle Benson is chuffed to discover one of Mill Hills gems. We agree with you Danielle!

Great discovery of the Mill Hill Jazz Club at Mill Hill Golf Club

7. Altogether Better BO are pleased to see the community coming together in Burnt Oak

Nice to see the local community come and engage with Altogether Better Burnt Oak with some tea and biscuits .

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OTD in 1958 a record Kingfield crowd of 7,020 saw beat Finchley 3-2 in the F.A Amateur Cup 4th Rd 
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 9. Perhaps the funniest spoof tweet of the week. 

Reliable sources confirming that Rihanna spent the Valentines night at Wengers Totteridge house in London
10. Some good news hopefully regarding sports facilities for local residents in the Borough

Committee unanimously backs proposals for rebuilding of Copthall and Church Farm Leisure Centres.
.... Normally we only feature ten tweets, but hey ho, rules are made to be broken. 
11. And finally. A Mill Hill Music Complex are starting a campaign everyone who loves music in Barnet Should care about

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