Friday 20 February 2015

A Tale of Two Barnets - Sweets Way - the evidence and the Spin (A modern day tragedy in words and pictures)

Please watch this video. When you have finished, read what the Leader of Barnet Council said in the local Paper this weekend. Then make up your own mind as to the truth of the situation.

I really can't add anything of value to this debate other than to ask you to consider the evidence of what is happening in Barnet before you cast your vote in May. I believe politics has to be based on trust. I will let you decide whether the Conservatives in Barnet can be trusted, in light of the evidence and the spin. You have a vote. You can change things. You can leave things how they are. If you don't use your vote, then you have failed everybody.

The whole point of writing this blog is to let as many people as possible know what is happening in our community. I've done my bit. Please do yours and share this on Facebook, Twitter and by emailing your friends to have a look. If you can't be bothered to, then one has to conclude you really don't give a toss.

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Barnet Council leader Column
Leader of Barnet Council

The borough is getting bigger and better
BARNET is about to become the biggest borough in London. We will now compare with Bristol in terms of population. This growth shows we are regarded as a great place to live with nice greenery and excellent schools. 

We are beginning to see new homes spring up on brownfield sites. This does mean that some 1960s’ housing is being demolished. 

The prize is the new homes that people need. Our children have to have homes to live in. Former council tenants are delighted with their new homes. The sales of new properties tell their own story. 

Residents who were temporary tenants are being found new places to live in the area. This process has gone quite smoothly despite the misinformation and scarcity of empty flats. 

Nobody has been dragged from their home. Children have not been taken away from their parents. Those who have suggested otherwise need to apologise for the anguish they have caused. 

It’s important that people who bought their flats which need to be replaced are given the best possible deal. The council is pressurising the developers on this and at West Hendon. 

Those who sell their homes will get a brand new flat to live in. They will not need any extra mortgage or have to pay rent on the part they do not own. There are also incentives to help with moving expenses. 

The solid achievement of building homes needs to be recognised and celebrated. The new mixed areas are so much better than the old isolated council estates.

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