Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Corbyn takes a clear lead

I woke up this morning to the news on BBC London that Jeremy Corbyn has taken a clear lead in the Labour Leadership race. What is more interesting is the fact that he has actually made people take an interest in the issue. The rather sad thing is that the three political pygmies who face him have not responded by upping their game, but have simply resorted to saying "if Corbyn wins the world will end". Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that some Labour MP's are talking about plans to defy the democratic will of the party and oust Corbyn if he wins, using a clause in the constitution designed to get rid of a failing leader, not one they don't like who has just been elected. They claim Corbyn will destroy the Labour party, but I suspect that if they pull this stunt, it will be them who re the assassins.

As I watch the car crash which the Labour leadership election is increasingly looking like becoming, I can only wonder if maybe Tim Farron has chosen a very good time to take over at the Lib Dems. George Osborne and the Tories seem to be showing us that the Lib Dems actually did quite a good job calming down the rampant right wing bash the poor ideology of George and his mates. It seems that the Labour old school cannot stomach a leader who refutes this. We are in for some "intersting times".

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Mrs Angry said...

I think the Corbyn phenomenon is the best thing to have happened to Labour in many years. At last the real issues lying at the heart of the party's problems can be addressed, and the hijacking of the party by careerist politicians and staff intent on furthering their own interests rather than the wellbeing of the country can be challenged.

Perhaps the party needs to split, and divest itself of the Tory tendency, and return Labour to the socialist principles on which it was founded, and renew the fight abandoned by so many shadow ministers against social injustice.

And what is happending nationally reflects the true state of things here locally, in Barnet. Time for new leadership, a new direction and a chance to represent the real issues that affect ordinary residents and their families.