Monday, 13 July 2015

Barnet Council - Trashing your street, ripping up paving and replacing with Asphalt

Did you know that Barnet Council are currenty in the process of ripping out paving from many of Barnets roads and replacing a properly paved surface with a rather ugly Asphalt finish? In short, your street may be one of many to be "uglified" by your council.

I had noticed that this had taken place on sections of Flower Lane, but hadn't realised that there was a huge programs to trash so many streets.

If you are interested all the roads receiving the treatment are listed in this council document -

(Click here for  link in the document for this months works).

There is also a huge road resurfacing program going on, full details can be found here

I suspect that this program of ripping out paving stones is a rather short sighted cost saving measure. Once laid, paving slabs tend to last a very long time. Asphalt is far more susceptable to wear and tear. It won't take too many insurance claims for the savings to be gobbled up.

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Alan S. said...

I'm surprised they're bothering, to be honest! My road in New Southgate is shamefully overgrown with weeds, both at kerbside and on the pavements. I complained to the Council 2 years ago about tree roots pushing up the (asphalt) surface, creating a trip hazard, but nothing has been done. I doubt they really care...