Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Press Lie machine in full swing against Jeremy Corbyn

I was disgusted to read the Evening Standards coverage of Jeremy Corbyn on the train home today. It is clear that there is a massive campaign of dishonesty being deployed to scare people into backing a less radical candidate. Nothing disgusts me more than lies, so I sincerely hope it fails.

There was an article claiming that least people thought Corbyn  "has what it takes to be a good PM" out of  a poll of voters. This stinks. Until recently Corbyn was a relatively unknown backbencher. The other candidates have had far more public exposure so it would be incredible if he topped the poll. What is clear is that he's the only one to make his case coherently.

Even more disgusting was the leader column. This stated :-
In this context the success of Jeremy Corbyn, the Leftist candidate, is less surprising than first appeared. He has a strong, distinctive message, even though his policies would make Labour unelectable, resembling a British Syriza.
This is not only highly dishonest, but if you think about it factually incorrect. Syriza are far from unelectable. In fact they won the election in Greece. Not only that but the standard  are reporting that Syriza are actually getting closer to sorting the problems out. Of course none of this gets in the way of  a good lie.

The reason Corbyn is ahead in the polls is because he is the only Labour contender who seems capable of stringing two politically coherent sentences together. He is the only one has managed to make any sort of case at all as to why someone may actually vote Labour. If people want a Tory government, they vote Tory. The Labour party has to have a distinct platform. If the Blairites can put together a credible platform and find a candidate who can actually articulate it, they wouldn't be in this mess.

As they can't, all we can expect is press baorns filling their papers foll of the worst type of complete BS.

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