Tuesday 7 July 2015

7/7 - Ten years on

This morning I will do exactly what I did ten years ago today. I will walk to Mill Hill Broadway to get a train into London. the destination will be different. Then I had to be at Debenhams in Oxford St for an appointment at 9am. Today I will go to my office in London Bridge. Ten years ago my journey was severely disrupted by the actions of four angry young men, who in an act of hate and futility, presumably thought they were serving some sort of purpose. What did they achieve? They killed, maimed and hurt a bunch of people they'd never met. They broke the hearts of a whole bunch of families and ensured that the daily journey to work was a bit nervy for a few days. What they didn't do was spark a religious war in London, turn Christians, Jews and Muslims against each other, or change government policy. We all know what the Koran says about saving lives and killing people. I am not aware of any Koranic verse that says its OK to kill and maim a whole bunch of people indiscriminately if you don't like the policy of their elected government. I was under the impression that the Koran put a duty on Muslims living abroad to be good, upstanding citizens. The trouble is that fanatics are blind to the verses that don't suit their bitter world and their sick aims.

The point is that the attack failed. Millions like me will do exactly what they did ten years ago. London survive, London adapts, London carries on. Today, if you are religious, say a prayer for the victims and their families, if you are not, remember them in your thoughts. Today is a sad day, but also one that us in London should take some pride in. We didn't fall into the trap of hatred. We mourned and then we got on with our lives. That is the best way to deal with such people and their sick actions.

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