Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The most depressing TV show I've seen for years

Last night I was unfortunate enough to watch a gruesome spectacle of a TV show called young genius of the year. It appeared to me that it would have been better entitled pushy parent of the year. Perhaps the worst thing was that none of the kids seemed much more than bright with good memories.To me a genius innovates and solves seemingly impossible problems. Just memorising a stream of facts means nothing. The likes of Einstien and Mozart were genuises. In our generation Steve Jobs is a genius. The title should go to kids who innovate and invent. Just learning a bunch of facts in your bedroom is unhealthy behaviour for a young person. I know a few proper geniuses. They have many strings to their bow but the main is an ability to think about problems without the prejudice of what they've learned. Lets see some of these on the show and lets see a format that promotes thought, not parrot like repetition

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