Thursday 22 June 2017

Theresa May should be sacked for destroying the UK's negotiating position in Brexit talks

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Merkel and May
Today Theresa May has had her first meeting with EU leaders since the election. I've just been watching the footage on the news. I was quite shocked at the smirking of her fellow leaders. It is pretty clear that the election result has completely undermined the UK's negotiating position. The only reason May called the election was for a short term advantage for the UK Conservative Party. She believed that the Tories would get a larger majority and she'd secure an extra couple of years. I believe another consideration was that it would give her time to recover the Tories reputation if the Brexit talks were difficult. Now she enters the chamber with her credibility and reputation in tatters. She must know that the EU will be in a prime position to play Northern Ireland off against the rest of the UK, and even potentially Scotland. She knows that there is no parliamentary majority for a hard Brexit or no deal. She knows that she has no joker up her sleeve and no Ace in her hand. We've already seen David Davis put soundly in his place.

There used to be a term for putting your own interests in front of the National interest and putting us at the mercy of foreign powers. It's called Treason. The Tories spent the election campaign suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn was in some way "unpatriotic" because he talked peace with unsavoury parties in Northern Ireland, before it became government policy. Theresa May's desperate gamble has put us at the whim and mercy of the Angela Merkel, who is now the de-facto emperor of Europe. For two years (at least), we'll have to pay the bills, but have no seat at the table.

The sooner she's gone the better. Who would I suggest replacing her? If I was a Tory, I'd probably go for Phillip Hammond. He is the best of a rather poor bunch. Boris is a buffoon, Gove is a treacherous git, Leadsome exposed herself as not up to the job. Amber Rudd is very lighweight and Ken Clarke is probably too old and frail. I suspect that within two years we might have a coalition, with Corbyn as PM and Vince Cable as his deputy. I think that the current Mayhem (pardon the pun) has gone down like a lead ballon with voters. Tim Farron was a disaster for the Lib Dems, and I'd expect Cable to add at least 10-15 seats to their total. I suspect that the Tories will learn nothing and go for the mother of all negative campaigns. I think that given the chaos they've dumped on us, this will go down like a lead ballon. I suspect that voters find Corbyn and Cable a tad more trustworthy than anyone the Tories will rustle up. Given the performance of Hammond on TV recently, I can't see any way that the current mess will last beyoind the Autumn. My prediction is that the Tories will have a leadership election sooner rather than later and the new leader will be more than tempted to try their luck. But hey, what do I know? I'd never have guessed Brexit, or a hung Parliament, so Mystic Meg I am most certainly not.

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At least she (Mrs May) did had a cake & ate it. 😄🍰